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released October 26, 2013

Written & Produced by Aaron Faucher
'Mine' Mixed by Josh Brechner & Aaron Faucher
Inset art by Raymond Briggs


s/o brrd & Brenda Ueland & Caeto & Chicago & Cliff & D/A/D & Dana & Danielle & Emerson & ETS/GRE & Fatha & Grandma & Ian & Jed & Jen & Kelley & Mark & Matt & Mike 'Big Daddy' McCain & Miles & Mom & Nadia & Neal & Nick & Nicole & Paul & Ray & Scooda & Suz & Tony & Ty & 2E8th 20xx & Unique & Vicki & Visager & Zay Polo & You



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Pride & Joy Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Mine
think i'm headed towards a breakdown
already on my way now
head to heel, i'm falling all the way, away
i'm sure i'm headed all the way down
however far that may be
you know my god is saving someone else
i told him, "no,
stay away, don't need you showing me the way now.
i'm on my way
yeah, i'm on my way to another day," so
rolled along
unlit corridors reverberating shame now
till i ache down
no other way, no other way to take now
and i'll shake it when i make it through this fake doubt
say my name
but please don't call me out
put my left foot here and my right foot there
no matter how i tried, maybe it was bound to go awry
stepped towards the edge
and the edge gave way
what he didn't tell you is that you'd fall in love
fall in love
you'd fall in love again
now you want to back out
finish what you've started
you'll never turn around
till you meet the ground
when suddenly the ground is gone
when suddenly the sky has no moon
your body's in free fall
wouldn't you want a hand to hold?
Track Name: White Trees
white trees
tell me to be
to be happy
white trees
look down on me
see me differently

night breeze
whispers to me
says 'carry, carry'
night breeze
now telling quietly
these plans for me

pipe dreams
reason with me
make me crazy
pipe dreams, they seem
lights promised me

white trees
tell me to be
to be happy
white trees
look down on me
see me differently
and all along the road
some stumbled and fell
i try to treat them well

it moves slow below
where the mountains yell
i try to keep them well

dreams soar high above the storm
they sing, so i sing along

and so we go
in the falling rain
Track Name: Snowmen
do you build snowmen
just to watch them melt?
do you know what you do to me
when you go to him