you leave me with no words to say

by Pride & Joy

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Visager This album is innovative, genre bending, and entirely too fresh. Please find some nice headphones and slide up a chair to P&J's latest tunes. Favorite track: if everyone were doctors.
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Written & Produced by Aaron Faucher


released April 6, 2014

Many thanks Nicole Collins, Danielle Littman, Josh Brechner, Vicki Sun, Patt Hongsmatip, Judy Suh, Lisa Gilbert, Mel Nehrkorn, and my loving grandmother who just wants me to eat

s/o Visager, Caeto Moon, brrd, MMecca, whysowhite, Sicko Mobb, Lil Kemo, Death Cab, The National, DJ Elmoe, DJ Mustard, Apex Rise, Rej3ctz, Anita Baker

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Pride & Joy Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: the clouds below stella point
in the beginning
the earth was shapeless and void

you said once
you saw Him in a dream
a dream that you dreamt long ago

i met your dream
on a walk at 18000 feet
in the clouds below stella point
Track Name: when i dropped right off the edge
when i woke up
you said to me
to go outside
go to the beach

and from the beach
stretched piles of stone
you said to me
that's where you go

and so i went
along that stone
I could not see
the clouds were low

I cut my skin
i slipped and fell
the rocks were wet
my feet were bare

but at the end
between the moss
there was my gift
that pool of stars

and all the sky
i'd ever seen
was lying there
down at my feet

and there i sat
alone and free
my only prayer
you speak to me

that's when I dropped
right off the edge
into the world they don't understand

you're crushing sky
i'm snapping twig
you're storming waves
i'm breath of mist

you give me fear
that holy fear
i'm letting go
i'm letting go
Track Name: jogging down trapelo at 2:15am
lately I've
been wondering
about the type of purity that sorrow brings

late at night
i'm suffering
to understand the truth

it's like you always want the same thing too
i only ever worry when i worry about you
but you had to keep on talking so
the next thing is I'm jogging
down trapelo at a quarter past two in the morning

so why a book of words
when you don't talk in people terms
just another night i'm spending
counting up if one and one is two
don't know what I'm gonna do

slowly I'm
a language that a progress has been plundering

poorly I'm
from this act of war

it's like can't we have the same dreams too
i only ever question when i'm questioning you
can't it be the bright lights bass dropping
do the dance single topping picture that you handed me to view

but every night I'm up again
i've been this way since college
and my heart is only holding on to you
don't know what I'm gonna do

because all i really want is you
Track Name: if everyone were doctors
if everyone were doctors
there would be no one to heal

if everyone were lawyers
there would be no case to hear

if everyone were actors
then who would build the stage

i'll love you anyway
i'll love you any way
Track Name: you leave me with no words to say
Track Name: why'd you give your gold
a summer dusk
the sun is hot
the stadium
a crowded clot
the city out to see the racing day

the ladies fan their pasted face
the men bet on the final race as
anxious fingers fumble through the bills

the horses line up at the gate
the jockeys told to take their place
the shot is fired
and off and off they go

the inner lane, the pride and joy
jockey rode him as a boy
many men bet he would win that day

for laps and laps and laps they flew
their muscles rippled, all they knew
was blood and toil prepared them for this race

the crowd it roared
the jockeys screamed
the horses sweat
their eyes they gleamed
they whip and grasp and reach and spit and grind

and finally
through all the fray
emerged the favorite of the day
the final lap approached and so it led

as they round the final bend
just about to cross the line
it turned around and ran the other way

it hangs a right
and leaps the gate
it clears the door
to run away
and down the streets
it runs, it runs, it runs

and when it cleared the city lights
the day had faded into night
it came upon an overlooking hill

and as it gazed into the stars
the news arrived in all their cars
and all they had to say


why'd you give your gold
for a glimpse at the moon?
Track Name: we're living in the future now
remember when we used to dream
of flying cars
and color screens
over skies of blue
and parks of green

we're living in the future now

the monuments are white
and the roads are so clean
trains above the street
pictures everywhere I see

all I thought could not be done
is now resting in my hand
do you remember how it happened so fast?

we're living in the future now

i see a large square box
it's the wealth of all men
it sits in perfect beauty
in the center of the town

its symmetry is silver
and the walls are only glass
it houses all the gold of years past

we're living in the future now

i see a leopard in the box
but he's thrashing all around
he shatters all the glass and steel

all the gold is scattered around
as his fury takes it down
and his tail is curled in power you can feel

we're living in the future now

now we're riding through the clouds
on an american beast
and we're flying towards a mountain that stands holy in the east

and I know when we collide
it will be the final end
and it's time to say goodbye
there is nothing after this

and our bodies will fold
as we dissolve into the sky
and in my dream you're blind
but I'm just crying and crying and crying because I know it's truly the end of all time

we're living in the future now

sit and tell me rome
saw its own demise
that they saw their glory fading with their eyes

if a prophecy is real
how does it make you feel?
if our dreams become real
and we're living in the future now?